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First real day back at work and realizing we've 4 days to do about 10 days worth of work.  I also didn't sleep very well, which is highly unusual for me.  I suspect the two are related.  Basically it's the run up to CES, and we've got a lot of stuff to deliver and have ready for the event.  Then there's the cat herding activity that is getting meetings lined up for an event like this.

I'm trying not to kill myself at this event, and at the moment I've only got about 8 meetings lined up, 1 of which is super critical, the others vary in their value.  There's also some big networking things I need to do with a list of people I want to collar.  

In addition to that, I got some invoicing done.

Apart from that the dogs got walked, and I manage to book a trip to the vet for the puppy.
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Managed to avoid spending the day playing Skyrim, which is pretty addictive, and therefore is shocking.

For some reason I had a bit of a cleaning kick this morning.  Removed about a week's worth of poop from the garden; cleaned the kitchen, for some reason several times; cleaned out the fridge in preparation for the arrival of normal food tomorrow.

Restarted the food diary too - it's actually about the only way I can guilt myself into eating sanely again.

After that I sorted out iTunes, did some "light" blogging and watched a movie.

I also signed up for Amazon Prime and xBox Gold - I intend to try and hook up the xBox to the Media Center...

Hard life innit.
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Another blur of a day.  Headed out to catch up with the CTO about the current mass of projects hovering and came up with a plan for dealing with them.  He leaves for Orlando tomorrow for some R&R with the wife before the conference and hackathon at the weekend.  I'm following him tomorrow.  We made plans to do Universal and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter...  realistically as I only get there tomorrow night we can't fit in the mouse too.

Finished the day with some more wireframes for an ongoing project - we're pretty damn close on how the UI should work and we've had good feedback from beta testers.  Sadly it's a Symbian app so nobody will ever see it :)

After that I made a, frankly, kicking chilli with an old Chuck Roast that had been littering the freezer and headed out to get Dog Food and collect M.  She was at an appointment down in Maddison Valley which does count, in my opinion, as one of the nicer parts of the bits of the city that are a way away from downtown.... not as convenient as where we are but close.  The weirdest thing about it is that while it is very upmarket with a couple of rather swish restaurants and lots of boutique shops for ladies who lunch, the actual pubs are pretty pub like.  After walking the hounds for 45 minutes I killed the last 20 minutes with a Autumn Brown Ale at the Attic which was pleasant.

Finally home, chilli and thinking about packing for the morrow.

Oh, and the x-box should arrive tomorrow too.
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Lazy Sunday frankly.  The dogs were knackered from the play over the weekend.  The weather sucked.  I tidied the kitchen...  seems to be an endless task.

The Dog Sitter for later in the week came over to work out the details.  Sounds like she's going to be great, which is a relief.

Caught up on The Walking Dead.  Everytime I think it's kicking up a gear, it doesn't.  Not sure I actually care all that much about any of them frankly.

Did a quick shop and cooked a Goan Pork Vindallo for dinner with Mushroom Bhajee and Kasmiree Spinach sides...  all in all a very pleasant Sunday.
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Funny, enjoying writing down what I've been up to...  dunno how long I'll keep it up.

Saturday - up early and working.  Seems to be the state of the art around here.  Although before working I did remove the detritus of movies and wine and generally tidy the kitchen.  We seem to have stalled halfway through the 3rd bottle of red which just goes to show I don't drink like I used to.  Which is probably a good thing!

Made a chicken soup out of the carcas left over from roast chicken in the week and pondered when the burn on the roof of my mouth from a potato was going to stop hurting.  I suspect it'll be Monday at this rate.   Had a soup related accident involving hot chicken soup and a blender...  tad silly but I was in a hurry.

Next up, we headed out with B+K to see The Muppets...  interesting experience.  A lot of kids, but also a lot of people in their 30s and 40s.  One mother, chaperoning some teenagers was pointing out that she had been in 8th grade when the original Muppet Movie came out.  I was 10, I watched it on a Pan Am Tristar in October 1977 as we went to the US when my father started getting business trips for the government to meet the FBI.  It's worth remembering that while The Muppets are American, the Muppet Show was a British creation for ITV which ended up back in the US.  

Not a lot I can say about the movie.  I, and most of the adults teared up like a bunch of kids at various points in the movie, especially Rainbow Connection.  As we left, a guy turned to his kids and said "So now you know a little something about mommy and daddy's childhood." - interestingly, for such a long movie, I have never seen so many children kept under such tight control by modern parents :) - I guess all you need is an incentive.

Then home for a freezer dive for dinner and a catch up of the backlog of our TV collection.

Got about half-way through Season 5 of The Guild - all I can say to that is they've obviously built quite the fan base with the genre actors.  I wasn't quite show who was acting the most like a fanboi in half the scenes.  The one with Neil Gaiman begging Xaboo to get people to come to his panel was hysterical.

Anyway...  onwards and upwards as they say.  Tomorrow we get wood delivered and we meet the dog sitter.

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