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Given how I jumped into the Hugo discussion with my size 12s I thought I should, at least regularly post something SFnal.  Frankly, at the moment I got nothing.

We're in the middle of some _stuff_ at work and the sucking sound you can hear in the background is the noise of my mental bandwidth being sucked into a hole in the ground.

Still, Friday I bumped into another local fan while I was out walking the dogs/working in the beer garden of my local.  And that turned into a meeting of visiting British fen.  Amusingly, ones whom I'd not really met before.  Which brings me back to my previous point of no matter how big you think fandom is, nor how much you do in it, THERE IS ALWAYS MORE!

Saturday.  No that's a blank.  I did finish watching the US version of House of Cards.  It was ok.  It was fairly contrived, a factor of the major differences in the UK and US.

Sunday. Went to brunch and then to see Oblivion.  Not actually bad.  Certainly not bad for a Tom Cruise vehicle.  We did nearly cause a scene in the cinema when I turned to M and whispered... "You know it's in the future, they've grown Jamie Lannisters hand back."

But actually, not bad at all.  Even, as with M, you detest Cruise and every movie he's been in since Risky Business.  Intelligent SF, a few holes you can drive a tank through, but for the eye candy I was prepared to let it ride.

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