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#5 The Guard - Words actually fail to describe accurately what a pure joy this movie is.  It's a simple, dark, pitch black, Irish comedy about a Garda sergeant in a coastal town in Gallway.  It has pathos, humour, and points and laughs at a lot of the huge contradictions at the heart of Irish society, including the Irish perception of the police force itself.  Brendan Gleeson was nominated for a Golden Globe and rightly so.  A fantastic film.  Watch it.

#6 Rango - Some may watch this as a kids film.  They are wrong.  This works on many levels, especially for adults.  It wasn't what I was expecting.  And was extremely enjoyable.

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#4 Friends with Benefits - another meh from me.  It's a Rom Com - it's When Harry Met Sally for the naughties etc...  Nothing all that new in here, and, frankly, I can't really remember how it ended, which might be because I found cleaning the kitchen more interesting than following the film.  Mila Kunis is cute though, and Justin Timberlake is not actually a terrible actor.  

After that we watched the start of the new Sherlock series... ah... so that's where Steven Moffat has been hiding then is it?
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Because I'd like to actually keep on top of this...

#1 - Demonic Toys Revenge - we got this as a joke title for friends with whom we vie to find movies we can't watch more than 5 minutes of.  We actually made it through this.  Dreadful, badly acted, badly written, but as compelling for a hungover movie slob fest as a train wreck.  Part of that, was you just assumed there was going to be a soft-core lesbian porn sex scene in there somewhere, but it never appeared...  anyway, not recommended.

#2 - Captain America: The First Avenger - does what it says on the tin.  Nice 30s and 40s design on the technology, obvious comic book movie, lots of big action and eye candy.  Saw the ending coming but interesting to see them essentially avoid an obvious sentimental bit with Samuel L Jackson basically saying "get over it".

#3 - Zookeeper - meh.  Didn't do a lot for me.  Kevin James as the love interest for 2 improbably attractive women with talking animals...  I mean... what's to like?

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