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... any more than having Social Democratic politics is communist.
Charlie Stross had a libertarian drive by, in part fueled by the loons over at Transterrestrial Musings and also by this lot over at Samizdata.  I'm amused to see that they used one of my quotes in their article.  Kudos to me says I!
Glancing through the comments I came across this gem:
Whilst some people are having a tough time in the developing world, their rapacious governments are not! I presume that visitor means places like Zimbabwe, and North Korea? That is not the fault of Capitalism, and you can't call it Free Enterprize, either.
Try the Isle of Man, , or Switzerland, for better places to live. Whilst neither are perfect, they are better than a lot of other places! - Posted by 'Nuke' Gray at April 18, 2012 03:34 AM

Because the Isle of Man and Switzerland work work on libertarian principles?  Sheesh.  I know people who've done business in Switzerland, they must have missed it for all the petty government and big government regulations.

Also, this nuget from "Paul Marks" - Over details no - but over the basic principle (that income and wealth are a social product to be distributred on a collective basis) they are united. Is a delight...  yes, we all believe that.  

That's why I'm working so hard to make myself well off...  I am just an amazingly generous kinda guy.

When the hell did the idea of paying for the services you consume become a bad idea...  especially when ALL the evidence is clear that certain things enjoy vast economies of scale over other things.

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