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Palm Treo 500v smartphone

Palm Treo 500v smartphone | Reg Hardware

We didn't technically work on the Palm model, but we have worked on the UI (which is not a Palm design, it's a new generic one from MS) - it's weird to finally see products shipping that you've been involved in since they were a concept on a Power Point.

To put that in perspective, that was December 2005...

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Orange to offer unlocked iPhones for €749

Orange to offer unlocked iPhones for €749 | Reg Hardware

This is just the start of this sort of thing.  As the competition brings in some devices with comparable features, this is going to get painful for Apple.

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Vodafone stymies T-Mobile's iPhone exclusive

iTWire - Vodafone stymies T-Mobile's iPhone exclusive  

Remember folks, you saw it here first a few months ago.  This is just the start of this sort of thing around Europe too.  Apple might have got AT&T to stand for the 3 card trick but the rest of the world is a little more savy.

I'm also interested to see this put as Vodafone being spiteful about missing out on the deal.  As I understand it from people inside Vodafone, Apple were angry at being told that they couldn't have a share of the revenues.  More fun to come, mark my words.

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Nov. 21st, 2007 10:24 am
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...never having to say anything more.

I know that Rand Simberg (Transterrestrial Musings "Coming Hone") is a bit of a soft target for this sort of thing, but this is a classic example of something you see around the Blogosphere - especially from reasonably well known Bloggers who've let their egos get ahead of their critical thinking.

Rand's had some classics over the last few years.  There was his request for a refund on the way after the "Mission Accomplished" thing and it turned out that less money had been spent than predicted at that point.  Then there have been the multiple "Oil is over priced, it's coming down real soon now" posts. 

The ability to latch onto a single item in support of your worldview and then build a Blog Post around it with absolutely no fear of having to revisit your position is probably the key for this type of personality.

It's interesting.

Me?  I'm glad that a lot of Iraqis feel they can come home from Syria.  As I understand the Syrians haven't exactly been making them particuarly welcome there and the conditions (at least those reported in a BBC report I watched) looked pretty miserable.  It's a few hundred thousand.  But which few hundred thousand?  Will these be the entrepeneurs, the teachers, the doctors, the professionals that have left?

For the record, and for other Bloggers, editorial isn't all there is to journalism.  There's a lot more to it than that.  It's probably why Paul and I aren't terribly good bloggers.  I worry about the questions behind the editorial too much.

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Five problems with Google Android

Well, actually there's a couple of things in here I'd take issue with but generally pretty much spot on.  Plus I'd add that having a connection API without building the underlying connection architecture is a recipie for disaster.

I'd also take issue with his comments about using SVG rather than pixel rendered graphics.  IT'S A PHONE - it's a constrained platform with limited memory and processing power.  That's why they tend to use drawn UIs rather than dynamically rendered.  Sure if you've a 800Mhz power house in there and huge amounts of memory it doesn't matter.  But then your BOM costs are through the roof.

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This sort of thing from one our local rags really does annoy me...

Aerospace Notebook: Oil money is driving big orders in Dubai

The quotes, specifically which have me grinding my teeth are, "analyst Adam Pilarski estimates that every man, woman and child in Dubai would have to make 1,000 airplane flights a year to fill the seats in all those planes" followed by, "

Contrast that, he said, with the United States, which has a population of about 300 million and about 700 million jetliner passenger flights a year.

"It doesn't make any sense," said Pilarski, senior aviation analyst with Avitas, an industry consulting business. "This is loony tunes.""


I don't know who Mr Pilarski is, but one must only assume that he's a cretin of some order.  Emerits and Qatar aren't buying planes for their local markets - they're buying them for 2 distinct market segments.

First is the global long haul sector where they've been working to establish themselves as a global hub - with some success.  They offer excellent levels of service with great cost structures and they're not dry states.

Second, Dubai, in paticular, has been extremely sucessful in setting itself up as the next Spain for European holidays, and they've done it by aiming at the high end of the market with excellent hotels and resorts.

There's the third point that Dubai has been an important trading post for centuries and they don't want to lose that position either.

The customers probably aren't American of course, they're Indian - flying the millions of migrant workers in and out needs planes, they're Western European to handle the millions of British, German and Swedish holiday makers they get. 

The final nonsense from Pilarski, again missing the point about people in the rest of the world, "One act of terrorism and all the tourism goes away," Pilarski said."

There's only one thing to say about that BOLLOCKS.  I don't see people staying away from Eygyt because of acts of terrorism.  I hate to feel jingoistic, but most people are made of sterner stuff than that.

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