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I was asked to explain the criteria by which I vote for Hugo Novels - it is this.  I vote for original works that are typically SF - I'm not a fan of Fantasy (on the whole), Urban Fantasy, Series or multibook stuff i.e. Book X of Y.

I do vary from time to time and will read work outside of those.

A commenter said 'so you discount 90% of the works out of the gate?' - actually, no, no I don't.  In a typical year it would discount 2/5's of the works....

2005 – 5/5 – and I’m still ‘butthurt’ about that result
2006 – 4/5
2007 – 3/5 but I did read all 5 and I just realized I’m wrong, I’ve had 2 winners… Rainbows End
2008 – 5/5
2009 – 3/5
2010 – 5/6
2011 – 3/5 – NB: I did break my rules because I voted for and ranked the Zombie book because I found I liked it… I have discounted all the subsequent ones….
2012 – 3/5
2013 – 3/5 – did read the Fantasy, as I probably will do this year, didn’t like, actually didn’t like any of them
2014 – 2/5

It has been pointed out to me that for 2014 I actually broke those rules as you can argue the Leckie and Stross are 'series' novels - although given that in my defense I didn't know that about Ancilliary Justice at the time and given that while the Stross was in a universe he had used before, it was a stand alone novel with none of the same characters nor setting.  But still, yes, actually by my personal rules 2014 should have been a 0/5 year.  The first ever until now.

As I just said to the Puppies.  I wonder what changed.
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